Mission Critical - MPSS Slough

Full cooling upgrade of the central system across 3 phases to provide improved performance and enhanced security of operation to the site.

The existing cooling systems at MPSS Slough were of mixed age, parts in poor condition and at a high risk of cooling failure, resulting in overheating and hence affecting the operational security of the network. 

Phase 1.
Stabilisation Phase 1
Identify areas where 235kW additional fixed DX cooling could be added for maximisation and install.

Phase 2.
Stabilisation Phase 2
Provision of 2No. temporary 500kW chillers to add  cooling prior to removing the existing cooling. This  temporary cooling would then balance the whole area before the removal of the under-performing CRAC units.

Phase 3.
Main Phase 
Provision of 14No. chilled water CRAC units & 4No. DX CRAC units, and removal of existing end of life CRAC units.

Project information

  • Client:NA
  • Project:Mission Critical - MPSS Slough
  • Value:£5m+
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