Pennine FiveSheffield

Redevelopment of the 1970s commercial centre, located on the edge of Sheffield's Cathedral Quarter.  

In keeping with the RetroFirst campaign, the Pennine Five (P5) development is centred around reusing/upgrading the existing buildings and structures. 

The scheme consists of 5 blocks, offering high quality and adaptable work spaces. Brentwood have acted over a number of years as the clients trusted adviser. Staring with dilapidation surveys through to operational system optimisation. 

Key Features:

  • Aspirations to achieve Net Zero Carbon, maximising renewables & utilizing any onsite wastage. 
  • Omitting usage of natural gas & maximising low carbon & renewable technologies - Air Source Heat Pumps, PV panels & utilising waste material within the heat strategy. 
  • High performing building fabric, low air permeability, maximising natural light, extensive controls and high efficiency plant & equipment. 
  • Benchmarking the existing facilities and understanding useage patterns so we can apply the right technologies.

Project information

  • Client:RBH Properties
  • Project:Pennine Five, Sheffield
  • Value:£35m
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