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Our History

Our History

For many, 1976 was memorable for the appointment of Dennis Howell as the "Minister for Drought" during the hottest summer for 200 years! However, for us here at the Brentwood Design Partnership it marks the inception of our business and 40 years on we are thriving and still growing.

We have always retained a wide and varied portfolio of projects across a number of sectors. We have also maintained our skill and ability to deliver high quality solutions throughout all phases of the design process on behalf of many clients including developers, end users, contractors and local authorities.

We have managed many hundreds of projects for customers across the UK and beyond and are constantly striving to ensure we among the pioneers within our industry. With one eye constantly on the latest working practices and technologies, our staff are constantly updating their skills through significant investment in training and development.

For more information or to see how our expertise can help you, give us a call: 01423 873892